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Stand in Awe of the Mighty God

Stand in Awe of the Mighty God

Hab 2:20 (KJV) 
But the LORD is in his holy temple: 
let all the earth keep silence before him.

Zep 1:7 (KJV)
 Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord GOD: 
for the day of the LORD is at hand: 
for the LORD hath prepared a sacrifice, 
he hath bid his guests.

Psa 46:10 (KJV)
 Be still, and know that I am God:
 I will be exalted among the heathen, 
I will be exalted in the earth.

Job 37:14 (KJV)
 Hearken unto this, O Job: 
stand still, 
and consider the wondrous works of God.

Exo 14:13-14 (KJV)
 And Moses said unto the people,
 Fear ye not, stand still, 
and see the salvation of the LORD, 
which he will show to you to day: 
for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, 
ye shall see them again no more for ever. 
{14} The LORD shall fight for you, 
and ye shall hold your peace.

Psa 76:7-9 (KJV) 
Thou, (O Lord), even thou, art to be feared: 
and who may stand in thy sight when once thou art angry? 
{8} Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven;
 the earth feared, and was still, 
{9} When God arose to judgment, 
to save all the meek of the earth.
 Selah.(Pause and calmly think of that.)

Zec 2:13-3:1-4 (KJV)
{2:13} Be silent, O all flesh, before the LORD: 
for he is raised up out of his holy habitation.
{ 3:1} And he showed me Joshua the high priest
 standing before the angel of the LORD, 
and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him. 
{2} And the LORD said unto Satan, 
The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan; 
even the LORD that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: 
is not this a brand plucked out of the fire? 

{3} Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments, 
and stood before the angel.
 {4} And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him, saying, 
Take away the filthy garments from him.
 And unto him he said,
 Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, 
and I will clothe thee with change of raiment.

Exo 3:1-5 (KJV) 
Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: 
and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, 
and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb. 

{2} And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him
 in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: 
and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, 
and the bush was not consumed. 
{3} And Moses said, I will now turn aside, 
and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. 

{4} And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see,
 God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. 
And he said, Here am I. 
{5} And he said, (Do not approach near this place): 
put off thy shoes from off thy feet, 
for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

Heb 12:1-2 (KJV)
 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about 
with so great a cloud of witnesses, 
let us lay aside every weight, 
and the sin which doth so easily beset us, 
and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 
{2} Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; 
who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, 
despising the shame, 
and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Psa 107:8-9 (KJV)
 Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, 
and for his wonderful works 
to the children of men! 
{9} For he satisfieth the longing soul, 
and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.


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