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(Jesus) told his disciples, 
"I have been given all authority in heaven and earth.
 {19} Therefore go and make disciples in all the nations, 
baptizing them into the name of the Father 
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 

{20} and then teach these new disciples 
to obey all the commands I have given you; 
and be sure of this--
that I am with you always, even to the end of the world."
Mat 28:18-20 (TLB) 


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news
to the suffering and afflicted. 
He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted,
to announce liberty to captives, and to open the eyes of the blind.

{2} He has sent me to tell those who mourn 
that the time of God's favor to them has come,
and the day of his wrath to their enemies.
Isa 61:1-2 (TLB) 


Seek the Lord while He may be found. 
Call upon him now while he is near. 
{7} Let men cast off their wicked deeds; 
let them banish from their minds the very thought of doing wrong! 
Let them turn to the Lord that he may have mercy upon them,
 and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon! 

{8} "This plan of mine is not what you would work out, 
neither are my thoughts the same as yours! 
{9} For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
 so are my ways higher than yours, and my thoughts than yours. 

{10} "As the rain and snow come down from heaven 
and stay upon the ground to water the earth, 
and cause the grain to grow and to produce seed for the farmer 
and bread for the hungry, 
{11} so also is my Word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
 It shall accomplish all I want it to and prosper everywhere I send it.
Isa 55:6-11 (TLB) 


Let all the world look to me for salvation! 
For I am God; there is no other. 
{23} I have sworn by myself, and I will never go back on my word,
 for it is true--that every knee in all the world shall bow to me, 
and every tongue shall swear allegiance to my name." 

{24} "In Jehovah is all my righteousness and strength," 
the people shall declare. 
And all who were angry with him shall come to him and be ashamed.
Isa 45:22-24 (TLB) 


Heb 4:1-3 (TLB) 
Although God's promise still stands--
his promise that all may enter his place of rest--
we ought to tremble with fear 
because some of you may be on the verge of failing to get there after all. 
{2} For this wonderful news--the message that God wants to save us--
has been given to us just as it was to those who lived in the time of Moses. 
But it didn't do them any good because they didn't believe it. 
They didn't mix it with faith. 
{3} For only we who believe God can enter into his place of rest. 
He has said, "I have sworn in my anger 
that those who don't believe me will never get in," 
even though he has been ready and waiting for them 
since the world began.


May your life and your ministry be blessed.

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